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Our team specialized in property and real estate matter shall take care of all your legal issues and provide solutions. These services are but not limited to following:

  • Property Sale/Purchase, Bank Auctions, Dispute, Aggrieved of housing societies and real estate agents, verification and genuineness of ownership, title and ancillary documents from official records and Revenue Departments. 
  • Landlord and Tenancy concerning issues i.e. collection of rents, arrears, advances, sub-letting, damages & tracking cases of cheating, fraud and forgery etc. 
  • Contractual and Monetary disputes amongst parties. 
  • Recovery of money extorted and taken away through deception, cheating, fraud, forgery, misrepresentation or other illegal, unlawful means and measures for buying, selling or joint venture in a property. 
  • Preparation of property Legal Documents, execution and wherever necessary its enforcement through the courts of law.
  • Registration of Documents i.e. Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Mortgage Deed, Revocation Deed, Redemption Deed, Partnership Deed and General & Special Power of Attorney etc.