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At SS Legal Solutions, we have specialized attorneys for the preparation, acquisition and execution of legal documents such as Birth Certificates, B Forms, Power of Attorneys, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Unmarried Certificates, Property Title Documents, Legal Translations, Succession Certificates, Registration of firms, Registration of companies, Registration of Trademarks, Intellectual Properties, and documents related to the following departments of government:

  • LDA related matters including transfers, acquisitions, NOCs, duplicate files etc.
  • Matters related to WAPDA
  • Matters related to SNGPL
  • Matters related to Excise and Taxation
  • Matters related to Industries
  • Matters related to Union Councils
  • Matters related to NADRA
  • Matters related to Passports and Immigration
  • Matters related to Civil courts and High Courts
  • Matters related to Revenue department

Apart from above mentioned matters, SS Legal Consultants expertise in various other departmental legal documentation. We are just a call away!

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