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An agreement between parties becomes a contract when it is enforceable by law under specific requirements. A contract has the binding force of law and has always legal remedies available in case of breach.

As a matter of agreement between parties, there are several rights and duties of all the parties of the contract that are covered by Law of Contract 1872.

Contracts can be of various kinds and therefore have different effects as to the parties’ rights and obligations. It includes but not limited to the breach of contract, business law, business litigation, business planning, business reorganization, business startups, commercial contracts, contractual frauds, contractual litigation, international commercial contracts, joint ventures, partnerships and privatization.

In civil law, contract occupies pivotal significance because of its assurance of rights and duties and legal binding force.

At SS Legal Solutions, we make sure to keep our client safe from all kinds of future problems by including maximum possible propositions in the contracts so as to help in case of breach.

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