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At SS Legal Solutions, we always advise our clients to keep all precautionary measures before starting up a new business because in our society, when one becomes popular, there is mashroom growth of other following with similar names and using the good-will earned by the original starter.


In this ambit, we make our clients realize that Intellectual Property is as much important as their businesses are because assets protected by IP law add profitability and increase good will of the holders. Our valuable advice always carry weight for the improvement of the business and protection of our clients’ assets because in case of any harm to our clients’ IP assets, our legal strategies always being down negative factors, be that individually or by any other competitor etc. 

Replication, reuse of IP assets twisted, misuse of IP assets including names of similar pronunciation or spellings, are strictly dealt with and taken to the legal solutions. This helps our clients to focus on the growth of business instead of fighting for unfair competitors. 


We provide all kinds of IP law solutions to our clients from trademark to copyright, from patents to merchandise marks, and from electronic transactions to registered designs.

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