Banks and financial institutions being financial intermediaries have gone through an evolutionary time period over a couple of decades. Especially in Pakistan, this evolution has had its peak in the last decade where the banks and financial institutions have been successful in spreading out their money into the market in the form of loans, leases and other ancillary financial services. This led them to being deprived of their own money which had become hard to recover from the debtors even after adopting many procedures and taking different measures. These millions and even billions of rupees affected the banking services enormously and hence put a full stop to deliberate increase in banking capital, alternating their ways toward recoveries. 

We have specialized expertise in manipulating manpower to get your desired work done by approaching concerned departments and law enforcement agencies under the guidance, legal assistance and direction of our expert teams of:

  • Lawyers
  • Forensic Audit Department
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Professionals
  • Field Recovery Officers


Keeping in view the above mentioned facts, in addressing and delivering Banking Litigation Requirements, SS Pakistan has developed a Forensic Audit Department where our expert Lawyers, Former Police Officers, Ex-Government and Judicial Officials work out a detailed ‘Action Plan’ for individual cases on the following parameters:

  • Making Maximum litigation possible against defaulters
  • Evaluating Repaying capacity of defaulters by keeping a check on their assets which may materialize in making their Repaying capacity possible
  • In case of pending litigation, considerably expedite litigation process
  • Strategy to employ Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Conciliation and Re-conciliation etc.
  • Compliance and continuous follow-up

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